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Discovering the magic of the Gardens of Maiano

The Botanic Garden of Fattoria di Maiano is a fundamental destination for an out of town trip. Nestled between the soft Fiesole hills and the rocky walls of the quarries, this enchanting garden refreshes soul and senses. Here you can forget stress and noise of the city, and enjoy an exclusive landscape, celebrated by artists and historical figures over the years. The garden reserves many attractions and wonderful paths, from regenerating walks to picnics at the shade of oaks, from family trips in the educational farm to romantic intimacy on the shores of the lake.

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Historical park

An english garden overlooking florence

As the name suggests, the Botanic Garden of Fattoria di Maiano is not a common botanical garden. Designed in 19th century by the nobleman Sir John Temple Leader, the park has the special charm of a real English garden. A place designed to excite, to walk through woods and olive groves, or to contemplate the beautiful landscape. The ideal place to meditate, to gather oneself in one’s own thoughts or, on the contrary, to open oneself to meeting and company. Equipped with picnic areas, the Botanic Garden offers the perfect setting to spend a day with friends and family. Maybe tasting the local products, purchased in the shop, or trying the exquisite dishes of our restaurant.

Queen’s Romantic park

Inaugurated by Queen Victoria in 1893, the Romantic Park is a slice of Heaven. The placid water of the small lake Colonne reflect the lush foliage of the oaks. On its banks you can admire the quarry from which Lorenzo il Magnifico extracted the stones for the Columns of the Princes Chapel, in San Lorenzo Basilica. The delightful Casa del Tè, where Sir John Temple used to welcome his guests, is now an intimate place for refreshment


With 500,000 square meters, the Botanic Garden of Fattoria di Maiano is the largest in Italy. Inside, 20,000 olive trees sway in the sun like a silver sea. The garden boasts a breathtaking view over cultivated hills, magnificient botanical varieties, orchards and biological crops. In addition, the farm with free range animals has always been an attraction for young and older ones. Horses, sheep, geese, hens, ducks, ostriches and donkeys from Amiata are ready to accompany your explorations.

Between past and innovation

Educational farm and crops

Our guides are at your disposal to share history and secrets of the Garden. Booking a guided tour, you can retrace the history of the quarries and its close link with Medici family from Florence. You will discover artists and characters who lived in these places and how landscape has changed over the years. Contact us for any information or to book your tour.

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