Educational tours and activities for schools

Learning in nature at Fattoria di Maiano

Love for Nature and for animals is something that you learn since childhood. This is why Fattoria di Maiano is happy to organize educational tours and recreational activities dedicated to schools and families. Thanks to the various realities of the Farm, with its Botanic Garden, its animals breeding and many other attractions in a certified BIO environment, children can immerse themselves in the healthy genuineness of rural life. A joyful and constructive experience to discover the wonders of rural world and get in touch with its elements. Workshops are designed for elementary, middle and high schools and are held by trained guides.

Discovering animals

Guided route around the animals of the farm

Fattoria di Maiano hosts fantastic animals bred even in the wild. Children can observe sheep, horses, Amiatini donkeys, geese, hens, ducks, ostriches and others. Contact with animals is a precious opportunity to develop a direct and conscious relationship with territory. Children live the experience with enthusiasm and curiosity and at the same time they learn the importance of the relationship between man and animals. An essential basis to understand the deep connection between countryside, human work and respect for the environment

Scents and colours of the countryside

Botanic garden guided tour

The Botanic Garden tour is a pleasant experience in the variegated world of plant species. Each plant of the route is an integral part of the vegetation, and it is marked with its own name. Shapes, scents and colours contribute to the development of a multi-sensorial knowledge and an intimate harmony with natural environment. Together with spontaneous herbs that grow in the park, you will find fruits of agriculture, too. In this way children can learn the plants which correspond to the vegetables and fruit they normally consume and the added value of the organic seasonal crop.

How good oil is born

Harvesting and oil mill visit

Among the didactic activities dedicated to schools there is the oil mill experience. The olive tree is a fundamental symbol of our culture and tradition and the Oil mill Tour was born to discover its secrets and properties. It all starts among olive trees, where you learn the characteristics of these wonderful trees and rediscover the dedication of man for this ancient culture, from the care of the plant up to harvesting and transformation of olives into an extraordinary organic extra-virgin oil. A fun tour that continues from the olive grove up to the mill, to explain the processes of pressing, storage and bottling. The ideal itinerary ends with a tasting of genuine local products. Discover all details about guided tours and do not hesitate to call us for any information.

Sowing and harvesting

Direct experience of seasonal garden activities

The educational activity in the garden is an learning and entertaining experience, dedicated to school or family children. By participating directly in farming activities in the biological vegetable garden of the farm, children learn dynamics and actions that lead to the birth of fruit and vegetables. Accompanied by the guide, the children will personally experience the sowing or harvesting techniques, according to the current season. In addition, they will learn to recognize the aromas and characteristics of medicinal plants in the botanical garden. An extraordinary journey to discover nature.

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