The Safari tour of Maiano

Inside the secrets of the farm

What better occasion than a Safari Tour to explore the most secret places at Fattoria di Maiano? The Farm Safari Tour is an exclusive experience by an off-road vehicle that combines charm and fun. An original journey through woods, olive groves and rocky walls, to discover unusual routes, wonderful landscapes and also animals. The perfect idea for an out of ordinary day or night, or to celebrate a memorable birthday. Contact us for any information and discover all options for your Safari Tour.

Daytime Safati tour

The hills like you've never seen it before

The beautiful park of Fattoria di Maiano extends for hundreds of hectares, between wooded paths and evocative quarries. An exceptional setting for trekking and hiking, restorative walks and scenic stops. But if you prefer four-wheels to backpackers, the Safari Tour is the right experience for you. Together with an expert guide, you can admire the most interesting places and the most remote corners as the Parco della Regina, the small lake Colonne, and the breathtaking landscapes of our Botanic Garden. In addition, you can meet animals like geese, hens, ducks, horses, donkeys and even ostriches. They are all free-range and live in their natural habitat. Contact us to book your Safari tour or to request more details

Night Safari Tour


Are you feeling brave? Fattoria di Maiano is ready to thrill you with a special adventure. A night safari tour through the forest and the paths of the park. On our off-road vehicle, you can delve into the magical atmosphere of the forest at night, to discover its most hidden soul. Illuminated by stars and headlights only, the paths of the Botanic Garden are covered with mysteryz and wild animals make their appearance. Do not miss to meet them, our guide will take you in a fabulous adventure! Book your Night Safari Tour immediately, together with dinner or aperitif if you wish.

Let’s party!

Safari tour for birthdays

The Safari Tour at Fattoria di Maiano is impossible to forget. For an unusual birthday, it will be a funny experience both for young and older ones. Fattoria di Maiano offers special proposals for birthdays: adventure on the four wheels around the paths of the Farm together with delicacies tastings based on local products. It is also possible to book dinner or birthday buffet at our Restaurant, if you wish. Contact us for any information

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